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November 11, 2011

Vintage Gallery Wall

When we were driving home on the last day of our road trip, we stopped in several thrift stores off the highway -- it's kinda one of our favorite things to do. You just never know where a hidden treasure may be lurking...

We found an old piece of painted wood with a beautiful gold frame (upper left corner)...with a horrific picture of a Thomas Jefferson-look alike inside (not pictured). I saw the beauty in that little frame -- all it needed was a fresh coat of paint! I painted it the same shade of mint that I painted our half-bath, and voilà! Instantly improved. 

I've been collecting old picture frames for about a year, not sure what I was going to do with them, (a familiar pattern in my life), including these paint-by-number bird portraits that I bought off Etsy a few months ago. James had the idea to hang a picture collage on the wall going up the stairs, and I thought, why not make it an homage to all of the fabulous women in both of our lives -- past and present? Our mothers, grandmothers and my great-grandmother -- Ms. Dena -- and her pretty sister, Elene, (in the blue hat) are all there, smiling at us on a daily basis. 

And that little mint and gold jewel just sparkles in the afternoon sun, don't you think?


  1. you are seriously amazing, dear!

  2. Love, LOVE your gallery wall! It looks fab!


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