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November 4, 2011

Road Trip Day 7 + 8: Baltimore, Maryland + Richmond, Virginia

On the last two days of our trip, we were trying to make it down the east coast as quickly as possible, but we couldn't pass up visits to Baltimore (crab cake, anyone?) and Richmond. We spent the afternoon and evening in Baltimore, shopped the stores along the water and stopped to snap a few pictures of the pretty, light blue and pink sunset. After asking one of my friends -- a Baltimore native -- where to get the best crab cake, he told me to try LP Steamers, and we weren't disappointed. Yum.

Our stop through Richmond was the last day of our trip, and we explored the Carytown neighborhood, known for it's cute shops and restaurants. We stumbled across the best vintage stores -- Luxor and Bygones -- definitely must-sees if you're ever in the area, and ate a scrumptious lunch at Millie's Diner (did I mention that we might've gained a couple of lbs. this trip?! Sheesh). And even though I didn't bump into Bethenny or Genevieve when we took our Sunday stroll through Central Park 6 days earlier, (dorky, but a girl can hope), I did run into blogebrity Sherry Petersik of Young House Love fame in a Richmond boutique (!) -- and she was so sweet. It was such a surprise, so I hope I didn't geek out too much when I subtly asked her if she was who I thought she was! Seriously, what are the chances?

Our drive home was spent with the sunroof open, blasting music and stopping at random Goodwills off the expressway to break up the day (our favorite pastime). I scored a few goodies that I'll definitely share here later. When we finally got home at 1 am, we were tired...but we agree that we'd go on a crazy road trip again someday. It was for sure a blast.


  1. Looks like a great adventure!!

    ps. I am giving away some business cards on my blog. stop by if you can!

  2. What are the chances of running into Sherry, so crazy! I love the picture of the Phantom of the Opera with the "live organ" so funny! Excited about finding your little space here!

  3. Oh! You were in our little town! Richmond is the greatest - We moved down here from DC three years ago and LOVE it to pieces! so glad you were able to experience the city's charm :)


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