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November 1, 2011

Road Trip Day 4 + 5: Salem, Massachusetts

Day two of our trip to Salem was a full day, just like the first, and the places we wanted to see were musts before we left: Old Burying Point Cemetery, the Salem Witch Trial Memorial, Nathaniel Hawthorne's house and the House of the Seven Gables (and a gigantic ice cream cone from Captain Dusty's, too, in the company of an adorable pooch). Our visit to the cemetery was amazing  -- it's not everyday that you see graves in the US that date back to the 1600s. The Salem Witch Trail Memorial, too, was a stunning sight -- engraved stones jut out of the cemetery wall and list the names of each of the 20 (!) "witches" and the way they died. Quotes taken from their last moments are engraved into the stone entryway.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's home (moved in the 1950s down the street to its current site, next to the House of Seven Gables) was a great tour -- it's amazing how these homes have been preserved for future generations to enjoy. We even got to walk through a secret passageway in the House of Seven Gables! I wish I was allowed to take pictures, because walking up through a secret staircase inside a super old home is probably one of the coolest things I've ever done. Can you imagine living in an old home and discovering a secret wall with a secret stairwell?! Coolest thing ever.

We loved our time in Salem, and we'd like to go back one day. We headed north after checking out of the Inn for the last leg of our trip -- Portland, Maine, White Mountain National Park, New Hampshire, Baltimore, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia. More to come, but in the meantime... was everyone's Halloween? We had a grand total of 7 trick-or-treaters, and since it was our first time handing out candy as homeowners, we were thrilled. At dusk, James got the candy together, put Thriller on repeat and turned all the porch lights on to let the neighborhood know we were open for business. I was going to feel really sorry for him if we didn't have any ghouls and goblins ring our doorbell! My favorites were my neighbors' kids -- they were the cutest. I hope y'all had a great time last night, and have a great first day of November today!

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your re-cap of your trip. Such amazing places and photos!


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