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November 4, 2011

Fitz at the 40 Watt

James and I saw Fitz and the Tantrums last night at the 40 Watt, and I have to say, I've never seen a better show, ever. Maybe it's because their sound combines all of my favorite genres of music -- and their stage presence has crazy energy -- but seriously, the show was a giant dance party and so. much. fun. 

When the band left the stage, and the cheering was deafening for them to return for an encore -- and it went on for at least 5 minutes! They seemed genuinely touched by all the love. Athens made me proud last night.

And I totally got to meet Noelle Scaggs and Michael Fitzpatrick, the lead singers, after the show, but of course -- the one night I don't bring my camera, my iPhone failed in the dark corner of the 40 Watt. Shoot.

In short, we had a maaagical night with the Fitz! Go see them if they're coming to your town...they put on an excellent show.

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