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October 25, 2011

Road Trip Day 1: Williamsburg, Virginia

Looking back, I'm still a little surprised how much I loved Williamsburg. I’m not sure what I was expecting, (maybe a little too much colonial-themed cheese?) but the historical area of Williamsburg was stunning -- at every turn the scenery had me awestruck.

We ate lunch in an old tavern and walked the dirt roads, snapping pictures of brick buildings and gardens -- and even a few sheep! I couldn’t help feeling like I was seeing everything almost exactly as it looked hundreds of years ago -- every building and landscape is so well preserved and taken care of. It was a beautiful fall day, and the perfect first day of our road trip adventure.


  1. Beautiful!! I haven't been to Williamsburg in 20 years!! (Haha--I think I was in 5th grade.) This place is amazing. Glad yall had a great time.

  2. Natalie,
    I don't know you but am Matt Loughman's mom. Your road trip is really ambitious and appeals to me because we have a son in Williamsburg and a son in Boston,(both Matt's brothers) and go to Manhattan once a year if we are lucky enough to do it. And Salem has been on my "to visit" list for years. Have a great time.
    (Your blog is great and so creative. That got me started on it.)

  3. I have a fuzzy memory, but if that's the chapel on W&M campus I'm pretty my oldest brother was married there. I'm also pretty sure there are more than a few embarrassing groomsman pictures of me in there from 20 or so years ago...


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