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October 18, 2011

Guest Curator Post: Natalie of The Southern Hostess

Natalie and I share more than a name -- we both have a love for Savannah, Georgia. She put together a great Savannah long weekend guide for the summer 2010 issue of Southern Flourish, and ever since, I've been a follower of her blog, The Southern Hostess (The Soho, for short). Natalie now lives in New York City, and I regularly enjoy the pictures she posts on her blog -- especially the ones of tasty brunch dishes. Yum.

Natalie was also kind enough to recommend a restaurant in Little Italy for James and I to visit on our quick drive through New York City this week -- we can't wait to try it! For now, though, Natalie has put together a warm and homey moodboard that encourages us to pack away our summer decor...and welcome fall indoors. 

Natalie: Growing up, my mom always changed our home's decor with the seasons. About this time each year, pastel pillows were swapped for richer, warmer colors, seashells were put away, and animal skins went down on the floor. This annual tradition has definitely carried over into my adult life: every year I feel the need to fall-ify my apartment. This year, I'm bringing fall inside! I think of few of these knick-knacks ought to do the trick:

I'd love to you change your home's decor with the seasons, too?

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