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October 23, 2011

2,700 miles later...

...and we're back! The Kilgores have returned to our cozy abode (and little Bianca!) from our crazy road trip through New England -- and I have so, so much to share with you guys. If you were on Twitter or Instagram last week, you might have felt like you were in the back seat of our car with us (I was so excited every time we visited a new place that I just couldn't resist sharing). But but but, I still plan to write a few posts about the places we experienced -- what we saw, the local fare -- maybe even our road trip playlist. We saw 14 states, drove 2,700 miles and explored eight different cities in just six days, some longer than others: Williamsburg, NYC, Boston, Salem, Portland, Lincoln (New Hampshire), Baltimore and Richmond. We were able to see so much, and while it was a lot of driving, we're glad we made the trip happen. 

A few of my favorite Instagram photos from the trip: 
1. Williamsburg, Virginia 2. Sheep! 3. Providence house 4. New Jersey Turnpike 5. & 6. Central Park 7. The Charles River 8. Boston 9. The Salem Inn 10. Coffee at Gula Gula in Salem 11. & 12. Birthday day 13. The craziest clouds I've ever seen in Portland, Maine 14. Maine lobster roll 15. & 16. White Mountain National Park, New Hampshire 17. Navigating 18. Billy Joel -- one of the many CDs we brought along for the trip 19. Baltimore skyline 20. Baltimore's Inner Harbor

PS: Thanks again to the lovely ladies who were guest bloggers for me while I was away last week! I couldn't have asked for more inspiring posts -- now I'm itching to decorate my house for fall, host a Halloween party, schedule a cabin getaway...and I'm daydreaming about setting my first Thanksgiving table at our house this November. I heart y'all. Thank you. 


  1. Welcome home! I did feel like I was in the backseat with you! Loved it! Can't wait to hear more about your fabulous trip.

  2. From your instagrams, it looks like you guys had an awesome road trip! I loved your twitter updates, and of course, I can't wait for your blog recaps.


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