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September 21, 2011

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Inspired today by Heather Benning's life-size "Dollhouse," an abandoned house turned art installation. The Saskatchewan farmhouse, not occupied since the 1960s, was restored by the artist a few years ago -- she searched high and low for the perfect mid-century furnishings, painted the walls bright colors, and installed plexiglass walls on the outside of the house to protect the interiors. 

How strange would it be to walk through a vast, open field and see, in the distance...a giant dollhouse on the horizon?


  1. Oh wow. This is awesome. I wish I could see it in this....she did an amazing job.

  2. As a lover of children's dollhouses,and an artist myself. I love this!! What a great ,creative job she did!!! My hats off to her.


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