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September 19, 2011


How was your weekend? James and I spent Saturday and Sunday taking it easy -- for the most part. I got up early Saturday morning (6 am!) to cook piggies in blankets, and we met some friends on campus to tailgate before the football game. We didn't go to the game, so we returned to our little abode before kickoff...and fell asleep. And watched an embarrassing number of Breaking Bad episodes. Whoopsies.

Sunday we brunched, enjoyed the cool, fall air and the sunshine, and I even picked out a few new paint chips for the guest room. I'm thinking of painting the walls a very faint shade of peach. Thoughts?

Although somewhat uneventful, I live for relaxing weekends in the fall like these...don't you?


  1. I love the idea of a pale peach bedroom. So many great color combos to go with it! Can't wait to see the results. Cute pic of you guys!

    ps. We had a BEEELAAAST in Atlata this weekend!!

  2. Woohoo! Glad you all had fun. I look forward to reading about all the deets on your blog :)

  3. That's my kind of weekend! Sounds perfect.


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