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September 6, 2011

DIY Team Spirit Wreath

Last week I posted my DIY Georgia wreath on Facebook and Twitter, and I got quite the response from friends and readers, so I thought I'd post the how-to for anyone else that's interested!

I actually scored the black feather wreath at TJ Maxx/Homegoods after Halloween last year for $10. These are everywhere right now, but I recently spotted a few at Michael's for around $15. I simply inserted a few red feather inserts (Michaels), about $3 each, and made a bow for the top (there is usually a person available at craft stores that will make a bow for you for under $10). I attached the bow using black pipe cleaners, and as a final touch, I dangled a little Hairy Dawg ornament from the bow. This wreath will be hanging on our front door for the next few months, welcoming our out-of-town friends that will be staying with us throughout the season to cheer on the Bulldogs. 

You can obviously make these for any high school, professional or college sports team, (even if your team wears a tacky shade of orange!) I kid, I kid! I think a wreath decked out in a baseball theme would be fun, too.

So that's it! It's easy peasy, and if any of you make a wreath, I'd love to see it! Thanks again for all the nice comments last week! You guys are the best.

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