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August 5, 2011

Weekly Instagram

My new favorite app is Instagram, but I think some of you might already know that. I'm going to start sharing my weekly fave photos from the cool kids I follow, because so many of the pictures are just too pretty not to share...and super inspiring.

1. Naomi Megan's little one, Eleanor, and her book collection (cutest baby ever award...after baby Penny, of course.)
2. Naomi's mother's garden
3. Elise spots a kitty, "Pages," hangin' out on a table full of vintage books
4. Kate Spade + Marco Scalamandre by Matchbook Mag
5. My own photo of a toy car display in Madison (toot toot! ...tooting my own horn, I suppose)
6. Lesley's sweet Matilda, and a dinosaur, at "tea time"
7. A photo of the Virginia countryside snapped by Hannah on a road trip to Pennsylvania
8. Elise watching "an old movie outside the brewery"*

*I would like to duplicate this photo, in my wildest dreams, in the open "field" to the left of our house. Someday...

PS -- I'm @NattyMichelle, if y'all want to follow me on Instagram...


  1. i love that we made the list! all of those pictures are great and yes, i want naomi's mama's garden too!


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