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August 11, 2011

Wedding Maps

Lately I've been a busy bee painting wedding maps for brides all across the country, and the world! I recently finished an Atlanta map for a high-school friend, Melanie, and I was tickled to draw that fat little Peachtree City peach a second time (I'm working on Melanie's ceremony program fans, too!)

I secretly worry sometimes that drawing and painting these maps day after day will eventually feel like a chore, and I'll grow to dislike making them. But I never feel bored or uninspired. Each map ends up being so different, each bride is unique, and sometimes exploring a new place via the eyes of others (and the glory of the Internet) is just fun. In fact, a bride I'm working with right now is hosting her wedding at this fantastic Maine cottage, and it is now at the top of my "Places I'd Love to Vacation" list. It almost looks too good to be true!

And my clients are just so darn creative. I take credit for about 25% of the ideas that I incorporate into these drawings -- the other 75% come from the awesome people I work with. And those loopy dotted lines behind the airplanes are one of them.

It's hard to believe that a few years ago, I was stuck in a rut of a job, in a cubicle, (to me, the absolute worst thing about corporate America is a tiny cubicle) -- and as harsh as it may sound -- I was bored to death, stifled of all creativity. And the freedom to be creative is what makes me tick. Needless to say, I never in a million years thought I would one day be able to say that I literally color for part of my living! How fun is that? Sometimes I don't even believe it myself. So I am going to enjoy every day as long as it lasts...

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