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August 5, 2011

Diy: Rock collection shadowbox

As I mentioned Monday, my mom recently found my childhood rock collection in a dusty corner of her attic. I had forgotten all about it, and looking through the different colored rocks, geodes and the petrified wood pieces brought back tons of memories. My parents would take us to Helen, Dahlonega or Highlands, North Carolina every fall, and I would get so excited to run through a local "general store," searching for a special, new rock to add to my collection.

So of course, this rock collection couldn't go without its own place of glory in my home. I set out to find a shadow box (I spotted this one at Homegoods for only $14.99!), and I got to work. Since the box has about a 1/2 inch of framing on all sides, I bought a bag of generic river rocks at a crafts store to act as a foundation line across the bottom of the frame. I neatly layered my rocks on top, sat back and marveled at my creation! (As you can see, Bianca was quite fond of the rocks, too). Turns out, once you sit the frame vertically on a table or hang it on the wall, gravity happens and they all do what they want to do, anyway -- so I'm not so sure that carefully laying them out did much in the end.

I'm still deciding over the photos to display in the box -- for some reason, I'm stumped for what's appropriate! And I think the background could use some fun fabric, too. These two pictures are from our vacation to Daytona Beach and Perry's Resort two years ago. (My parents, grandparents and I spent many a long weekend at Perry's when I was growing up, and I was delighted that the resort had hardly changed at all since I last saw it over 15 years ago -- it's still kickin' in all of its 1960s retro glory!)

Anyway, I wanted to share this little project with you guys. You know how I love a unique collection.

Have a fantastic weekend! xoxo

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  1. LOVE this idea with the rock collection. Makes me wish I had a rock collection to display:) I have the same shadow box that I have displayed antique rhinestone brooches in.


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