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July 11, 2011

Weekend pictures: Junkin'

Yesterday James and I spent the day doing something we love -- thriftin' and junkin'. We drove through Athens, Jefferson and Gainesville, and hit up every yard sale, junk store and Goodwill in between. We scored quite a few finds -- including a Dr. Pepper crate ($10), an old mop bucket ($5) to plant flowers, an awesome Pac Man mug ($.99) and perhaps my favorite -- "Flip" books (oh how I will always love Babar). I found lots of goodies for my vintage etsy shop, (a growing addiction...I mean, "hobby"), and plenty more for James and me. Not pictured: my new awesome 1980s pastel blouse, a rustic picture frame and a card table ($8). Searching for old treasures is definitely one of my most favorite things, ever. I can't wait to get the etsy stuff up on my site for all of you to see!

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