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July 18, 2011

Weekend in Madison - Part I

This weekend was epic for a number of reasons -- the weather was in the 70s (which is unheard of in Georgia mid-July), James and I didn't have one thing to do, and we heard that there were tons of little antique shops on the way to Madison -- so we decided to pick up and go. It was truly a lovely day -- so lovely, in fact, that I took over 100 pictures -- so today I'll do a couple of posts to share my favorites with you guys. For those of you in the Atlanta area looking for a place to visit on a Saturday -- Madison is it. The pre-Civil War historic homes, the shops, the eateries -- everything is picturesque and kinda perfect. 

And, we scored so many great things on our treasure hunt that I still can't believe it. The prices were amazing! We found a bar cart for $26, a retro ice bucket for $15 (that matches all of my Martha Blue kitchen appliances perfectly), and two cool books (pictured above) for only $2 each -- and many, many more. It was truly a fantastic weekend. 

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