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July 1, 2011

My DIY Bulletin Board

I purchased this 3' x 4.5' hunk of junk on clearance at TJ Maxx/Homegoods for $50...

Cut the fiber board to fit at Lowe's for $10 -- glued corkboard for about $15 --

Covered it in fabric from Hobby Lobby for $5 -- and voilà! I now have a lovely new bulletin board:

After months of searching, I finally found the materials I needed to make the giant bulletin board of my dreams-- a real-life inspiration board for my office space. (Nothing against Pinterest or anything...I truly love that website with all of my heart). As I've said before, I really had my eye on the giant boards found in the pages of my Ballard Design catalog, but the $500 price tag is a little much. It took a bit of searching for me to find the right frame, but I finally came across a winner on the clearance aisle of my local TJ Maxx/Homegoods store. The frame is gorgeous in a rustic kind of way, but the artwork was this hideous canvas of an orange splatter painting (that ripped out quite easily, thank goodness). It was marked down from $199 to $50 -- still a little more than I would have preferred to pay, but I was itchin' to transform the ugly duckling into something beautiful, so I bought it.

I then went to Lowe's and cut fiber board to fit the frame (they no longer sell cork board --- boo), and bought cork board at Michael's for about $15. I found great fabric at Hobby Lobby on sale for only $5 a yard, and wrapped it around the board like a present. The golds and yellows match my new Coqo curtains from Anthropologie perfectly. I am all about the color scheme.

Needless to say, my office area is infinitely more inspiring these days! Color and pattern can truly work wonders in a small space.


  1. It looks fabulous! Stu and I are huge Ballard's Backroom shoppers ... or we were until we were done furnishing our space. Next time you're in Atlanta, we should go by there and then have lunch on the Westside!

  2. I know I shouldn't ask, but I'm dying to know ... what's written on my picture? (And, yes, I'm secretly flattered that I made it on the board!)

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  4. I have newly discovered your blog and love every post! :) I have a question.... lately I have been into DIY stuff and I notice you have a cat.... your house and decor is way too cute and I'm sure you do not have a litterbox stickin' out where anyone even knows it exists. What do you suggest to keep a litterbox for 3 cats hidden in a teeny apartment?


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