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June 20, 2011

Two Weekends with Family:

These past two weekends have been spent with both of our families, and they have gone by so quickly! Two weekends ago, we invited James's side of the family over for a cook-out to celebrate some late and early summer birthdays (James included). Part of the family stayed the night for a fun sleepover, and we had a ball! After we put the kiddies to bed, the adults stayed up late on our back porch, catching up in the dark over wine, enjoying the post-rain breeze. (Look at all those red-heads! Aren't they the cutest?)

Yesterday, as you all know, was Father's Day! We had our parents over for lunch, and while the dads and brothers were busy watching golf (not pictured) -- the ladies caught up over wine spritzers at the lunch table. We actually had our second -- and third! -- glimpse of the neighborhood woodchuck in our backyard, which was super exciting. I tried my best to get a good picture, but he likes to stay a safe distance away, close to the woods. (James and I named him Charles -- "Chuck," obviously, for short). James got another early birthday surprise, (a chocolate pound cake! yum) and we ended the day with stuffed tummies.

I heart our families. We always have great times together. 

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