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June 21, 2011

Our Half-Bath Makeover:

Thanks to my new subscription to Pinterest (follow me @NatalieKilgore!) and Southern Living magazine, last week I had a sudden itch to spruce up our half-bathroom downstairs. Like I've said before, wallpaper was my first choice for the small space. For months, I've been working up the nerve to blow $500+ on wallpaper, but I finally realized I would never be able to part with that kind of money -- I can't even imagine the buyer's remorse I would experience afterwards. And It doesn't matter, because I love our new little bathroom, and we still have about $330 of that $500 left in our wallets. Before, the teeny bathroom was just a sink and a toilet, surrounded by beige, plain walls (yawn). But today, it is a mint green dream! 

The paint color we chose for the walls is Valspar's "Pillow Mint," and I found the rug and hand towel at World Market. The mirror ($99), wire basket ($10), pineapple trashcan ($20), and framed prints ($16.99 each) are from our local TJ Maxx & Homegoods store (which is basically my second home). I love how the pink pops against the mint green. I'm actually so addicted to the paint color that I'm looking at using it in our guest bedroom upstairs, too...


  1. Love! I think little jewel box bathrooms are so charming -- give the decor your all in a small space like a half-bath, and your budget goes so much farther! Looks amazing!

  2. I absolutely love it! The wall color is perfect and the pineapple trash can is so cute. Good for you for saving your cashola. I too love wallpaper, but would probably never shell out that much cash for it either. Have you thought of using a stencil to give a wallpaper look?

  3. Jackie -- I have! Even though I consider myself to be artistic, I am terrified to stencil a design on the walls. Candace -- thank you!

  4. Such a beautiful choice on the wall color. I also love the pineapple trashcan and mirror!! Great work.

  5. Natty -- it looks fantastic! Amazing what a coat of pretty paint and a few accessories can do!


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