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May 4, 2011

The Lettered Cottage

A friend* sent a link to "The Lettered Cottage," today, and I am ga-ga over every last photo in Kev and Layla's pretty e-zine. The couple writes full-time for their interior design blog and regularly tackle fabulous, inspiring DIY projects at home.

Kev and Layla's summer mag includes articles by some of my other favorite designers and DIY-ers of the blogosphere, (including Kate of Centsational Girl), and it is filled with lovely, swoon-worthy photos of cottages, summer decor projects and a small "cat door" that I am completely obsessed with. (Bianca saw it and wants one immediately installed in our house, too. She would also agree that she is indeed a tiny woman in a cheap fur coat).

Enjoy the pretty eye candy, and happy Thursday!

PS: it has almost been one week, and I am still going through Will + Kate withdrawal. Am I alone? Today I ran across Jenna's royal wedding invitations, sealed with miniature Big Ben cut-outs covered in gold glitter. Glittered Big Ben towers and loopy script make me happy. Does the royal wedding hoopla really have to end?! Please tell me I'm not the only crazy royal wedding obsessed person out there...

*thanks, Leslie!


  1. You're not alone, I am having Royal Wedding withdrawals too!

  2. You are definitely NOT alone! I'm having withdrawals as well ;) Good things there is still tons of stuff in the news about them! XOXO


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