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April 15, 2011

Weekend + a Will & Kate tote

Who is getting excited about the Royal Wedding? I know I am. Only two more weeks!

What are you all up to this weekend? I am sneaking across town to buy the second part of James's one year anniversary gift. After deciding to get away for our anniversary next month, a long weekend trip quickly turned into a seven night stay at Isle of Palms-- outside of Charleston-- when we found a cozy, very affordable one bedroom condo on the beach for rent. I am so excited that I stuffed a Noodle and a new beach towel in my grocery shopping cart yesterday afternoon. Summer vacations are the best!

The rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing, hopping around Athens with James, and most definitely reading the rest of is so, so funny. Oh, and our yard is begging for some TLC...weeds are popping up everywhere, and a few of our plants seem to be dying (already!) I need a crash course in how to garden and keep our grass alive. Blarg.

Happy weekend! xo

Royal wedding procession tote by House That Lars Built


  1. A tote to tote the royal wedding, wedding march; brills!

  2. Natty! One of my friends from New York is Brittany of The House That Lars Built and you were the FIRST person I thought of when she announced her Royal Wedding THAT is a small world. LOVE your blog and your style and your new house and everything else!! Hope all is well with the Kilgores. xo

  3. re: KEH - how funny! I am flattered that you thought of me...the minute I saw this tote, I was in love! Tell your friend that she did an AMAZING job..xoxo


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