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March 21, 2011

My weekend in pictures:

As always, my weekend- a little late:

1. After a fun Friday "house crawl" with my super cute neighbor, Melissa, my weekend begins with my Kindle and a wine spritzer* (tonic water + white wine + lime)
2. My new necklace** I spotted at Steinmart
3. Downtown Athens on a sunny Saturday afternoon
4. Lazy Magnolias at Trappeze with our Saturday evening guests: Sean, Shari and...
5. ...Chibi, the Japanese Chin (mix)
6. Cutest and best dog ever
7. Bianca did not like Chibi. She was on edge from 6 pm Saturday until the time they left on Sunday.
8. Glitter is my new favorite thing. Especially on ballet flats.

* Thank you, Betsy + friends, for introducing me to my new fave sunny afternoon beverage.
** James says it looks like a collection of cat toys on a shoe string. I admit, it does. But I love it.
*** "Chibi" is Japanese for "little one!"


  1. awwww i love that neckace! I would have never thought to look at Steinmart! And those babies are so precious! (even if they didn't get along) He he!

  2. I love Lazy Magnolia! I think I've had almost everything that is available in New Orleans.

    I also have a pair of gold glitter flats. It's funny because while I need a pair of basic black flats I keep buying fun ones like these. At least my wardrobe won't be boring!


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