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March 15, 2011

Betsy's wedding invitations

Betsy's wedding invitations arrived in the mail recently, and they are fabulous, just like her DIY save-the-dates. She made them all by herself on her home computer, and I am still stunned at how professional they look! I made my wedding invitations last year when I got married, and I have to say, it was one of the hardest projects I've ever worked on. It's tough to get every card the same exact size, (I bow to you, paper trimmer), and formatting everything on the computer can be a nightmare.

Betsy, on the other hand, makes the process look like a breeze! Don't you love how "relax, respond and rejoice" lined up perfectly when I opened the invite? I also like that she asked guests to offer up a few words of advice on the back of the reply postcard. What a thoughtful touch!


  1. AGH! I love them! Would Besty be interested in designing or slightly changing this look for my invitations for a wedding in September--same color scheme :) I would love to pay a friend to do something fabulous than a big printing company :)

  2. fresh & fabulous! and i love the colored baker's string!!

  3. LOVE LOVE THESE!!!! that's why I asked her to design ours - she has some mad design skills!


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