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March 8, 2011

An Atlanta Wedding at The Muppet Ballroom

I love getting wedding invitations in the mail. And it's even better when the invitation is super creative and unique!

Our friend Andy is tying the knot in May at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts, and we are super excited to attend. I mean, going to a party at The Muppet Ballroom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you know? I'm sure of it.

I love the picture Andy's brother took outside of the historic Ponce de Leon Plaza Theatre. It made me a teeny tiny bit homesick; the two places I lived in Atlanta for almost 5 years were within a half mile of this area. My grandmother actually used to see a flick at the Plaza Theatre as a teenager, then walk next door to The Majestic for a burger and fries with friends in the 1940s.

Ah, I heart historic Atlanta + fab wedding invitations! Didn't Andy and his wife-to-be do a great job?


  1. Natalie, you are never going to believe this! I'm the person setting up Andy and Casey's wedding at the Center in May! My coworker sent me this link (he does all of our social media) because it mentioned that their wedding is taking place here. And then I told him I actually know you - too funny! :) Looking forward to a really fun wedding and seeing you on 5/7!

  2. so incredibly lovely!

  3. Hey Natalie,

    Thanks for the link to my site! I appreciate it!!



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