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February 28, 2011

Vintage books

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this 1958 copy of "Freezing Foods at Home," because, you know, I might want to educate myself on the art of freezing foods...and I guess it won't look too shabby on my cookbook shelf, either.

I am a sucker for pretty cover art.

Other personal favorites include Ginette Mathiot's I Know How to Cook and For the Love of Salad by Jeanelle Mitchell.

Do you all have any vintage cookbooks in your collection that you might recommend?

Photo by Monkey and Me Frills


  1. I don't know of any--but my husband is a chef who loves antiques. A similar book might be a great little surprise for him! It's so adorable! Thanks for the idea!

  2. It's not quite a cookbook, but "Grandma's Natural Remedies" by Brenda Evans is SO cute both on the cover and in the contents.


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