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February 14, 2011

My weekend in pictures:

This weekend was beautiful, sunny, and festive; James and I celebrated our Valentine's Day last night at The Melting Point to see A-Train, a famous jazz band in the area. Our friend Christina performed as the lead vocalist, and she was amazing! We had not heard her sing before, and we were stunned at her beautiful voice - what a wonderful gift to have! It was a good night full of great music and tasty food. We left stuffed and happy.

Other moments of our weekend:

1. Playing with my new toy, the Rebel XS.
2. We bought a pretty artichoke pot for our Peace Lily (a la Pana and Jayce). Bianca likes it, too.
3. The sun setting over the trees (can you see our neighborhood fire pit and garden?)
4. I began writing and mailing our "We've Moved!" cards. The one with the bugs is my fave.
5. My sweet mother sent us a Valentine's Day package, complete with her delicious homemade cookies and a gift card to Pike's for our "first rosebush." She is so cute.
6. Cookies. Mmmm.
7. I made two loaves of poundcake (my mother's secret recipe) for our builder and real estate agent for all of their amazing help over the past 8 months. We love our little home.

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  1. Your cat is beautiful!

    Hi from Julia in Sydney!


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