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February 8, 2011

My weekend in pictures:

Pictures from my long weekend, a little late!

  1. Betsy's shower cupcakes, with little white chocolate wedding cakes on top
  2. The bridesmaids and the bride, working it in shades of blue (it wasn't planned! but it was so funny)
  3. Our shower favors: Barefoot Contessa's wild rice salad recipe and a small spatula to mix it up
  4. We had our first guests over for the Superbowl Sunday night, and James grilled out for the first time on our new little Weber! I made Coca-Cola burgers. Mmmm.
  5. Pana and Jayce drove up Monday to visit, and we ate lunch at The National. It was delish.
  6. My new sunburst mirror, hung right over our bed. I really love sunburst mirrors.
  7. I snatched up two funky lamps at Homegoods over the weekend. The color of the parrots matches our bedspread perfectly!
James and I are slowly getting the house all set up, just the way we want it. I have been busy snapping pictures, too, and I'm going to be posting a few here and there to share! I'll be sure to take a better pic of my funky lamps. They were a pretty awesome find, if I do say so myself.

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  1. Forget the burgers! Those fries look amazing! Looks like a fun weekend! :)


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