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January 11, 2011

Snow day cupcakes

Today, snowed inside our apartment in Atlanta, James and I aren't going stir crazy just yet, believe it or not. This afternoon was spent wrapped up in a blanket, writing on deadline, while James packed up various items in preparation for the big move (which is slowly getting closer!) Blame it on the doughnut cake I spotted earlier today, but I suddenly had a very intense craving for something sweet. Since we're snowed in, and it is my policy to refrain from buying cookies, ice cream or chips (the latter is definitely my sin of choice), I thought for sure we were out of luck.

But aha! At the back of the pantry sat a red velvet cupcake mix, a hostess gift I received a few months ago from a friend, and we had an unopened package of cream cheese (for the icing) left over in the fridge from our New Year's cabin weekend (thank goodness no one opted for bagels when we could have Lindsay's delicious breakfast casserole instead!) I was also thrilled to be able to put a few wedding gifts to work. Costarring in the above pictures are my Martha Blue KitchenAid hand mixer, Martha Stewart timer and Martha Stewart cake plate. (Can you tell I'm a fan of Martha Stewart?)

Aren't the cupcakes almost too lovely to eat?

(Answer: they were not; James and I each had one immediately after these photos were taken)


  1. i'm not gonna lie, i'm getting a little stir crazy but i think these cupcakes would do the trick. yum!

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes (and photos!) I'm so excited that 8"(!) of snow fell in my yard, but the snow days have not been good for my waistline. We have been cooking and eating like crazy! I took pics of a lot of the meals, but none of mine are quite so pretty as red velvet cupcakes ;-)

  3. This post is cute, haha. I am also a huge fan of Martha Stewart.


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