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January 26, 2011

A Santa Ynez Vineyard Wedding

For those of you who read Once Wed, forgive me for blatantly cutting and pasting the photos from this gorgeous Santa Ynez Vineyard Wedding directly on my blog...but really, it was just too pretty not to share. Isn't the bride's bouquet the most beautiful and unique thing you've ever seen?! Five points to the person who can correctly identify that flower...ready, go.

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  1. Well--I cannot name that flower--but that wedding is beautiful! :)

  2. That church reminds me of Kill Bill.

  3. I love this wedding! love the dress and the ring!

  4. Before I even scrolled to the bottom to read your challenge, I was going to ooh and ahh over the king protea bouquet! I have a grad school acquaintance who carried king protea for her California vows -- so bold and stunning.


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