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January 24, 2011

My weekend in pictures:

My weekend in pictures, a little late!

1. Bianca is just as stressed as I am about the big move- although she does like getting lost in the maze of cardboard boxes around the apartment.
2. Some of my faves and I danced the night away at Cavern Friday night - always a good time.
3. My kitchen shower gift for Betsy, complete with accessories a la World Market
4. The gorgeous view from Leslie's dining room (the mother of the groom)
5. Gorge table decor a la Leslie (including napkin rings that doubled as bracelets and shower favors!)
6. Pretty Betsy at her shower with her mother and future mother-in-law
7. A stunning Atlanta sunset
8. A pair of yummy deviled eggs at JCT Kitchen's Sunday Supper (checking it off the list!)

It was a lovely last weekend in Atlanta for us, jam-packed with fun festivities. The move will definitely be bittersweet, and it will be here so soon! Four full days left and counting...


  1. you are one fabulous photographer. the deviled egg picture is seriously amazing!

    thank you so much for everything saturday night! what a fun, fun evening!!! xoxo

  2. these are great! dying over how you wrapped her gift. cutest thing i've ever seen!

    ps thank you for your kind words yesterday. xo


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