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January 10, 2011

Atlanta snow day

Today we woke up to see everything outside covered in a thick blanket of snow, and we couldn't wait to take a quick stroll up and down our street to take in the sights. We walked through the park for a bit, too, which looked relatively untouched, and so pretty! When we got back to our apartment, guess who was waiting on us? Little Bianca, warm on her favorite quilt.

The rest of today will be spent doing a little work on the computer, cuddled up in my blanket, and tonight, cooking a hot, homemade meal for James and me as we - hopefully - watch round two of the snowstorm come through Atlanta. There is nothing more beautiful than watching snowflakes rain down under the streetlights!


  1. LUV, LUV, LUV the coat! And I think you should make the pic of you and James your FB profile pic...#VeryCute!

  2. even look chic walking in the snow. Love the black and white coat!

  3. Super adorable coat! I'm just south of you in Florida and it was a warm day for us! Wishing we could get some of that snow!

  4. i found your blog through my southern flourish subscription--i am absolutely loving it! y'all do a great job.
    i'm from atlanta, too. isn't the snow beautiful!?

  5. You are way too cute for a snow day! Where is your unwashed hair? Your rattiest jammies? Your old grade-school knee socks? Maybe that's just me...


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