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December 15, 2010

The Pink Pig

10. Go take a peek (and possibly ride?!) the Pink Pig at Lenox Mall and pretend like I'm a kid again

When my mom was a kid in the 1950's, she rode Priscilla, The Pink Pig, around the perimeter of Rich's department store downtown. When I was 8, I rode The Pink Pig on the roof of Rich's/Macy's downtown, too! After taking several years off, the beloved Atlanta Macy's Pink Pig is back at Lenox Mall, and I've been itching to ride it again (and drag James along with me! He is such a good sport when it comes to my shenanigans).

After paying only $3 a piece for our tickets, we entered The Pink Pig tent. We shamelessly took our seats along with a few small children and their mothers, and enjoyed two rides around the tent filled with pigs, songs, and what else? The color pink! After the ride, we walked through a sea of adorable stuffed piggies, but when I spotted a Christmas ornament of The Pink Pig, I couldn't leave without one of my very own! Another item crossed off the ol' Atlanta Bucket List.

If you're in the Atlanta area, take your kids, or take your significant other! You're never too old to enjoy The Pink Pig at Christmastime...

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  1. how adorably cute & fun! i love traditions like these and would totally have taken a ride on there with you!


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