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December 21, 2010

Lake Lanier for an early family Christmas

At Christmastime, if the whole family is lucky, we have a few special members that fly in to Atlanta from Orlando and Philadelphia, and the bunch is practically complete. This year, we were so excited to meet the newest member of the family, baby Penny! Penny is my cousin's new baby, and she is a doll. She is seriously the most well-behaved, calm, happy baby I've ever met, and I shamelessly hogged her for a good part of the evening.

Also pictured: my new necklace, a Christmas gift from my sweet cousin Alison, by one of my favorite etsy sellers, Tamar (I am never taking it off), my annual favorite life-size toy soldier and other fabulous Christmas decor (my aunt is awesome), my Aunt Deb's festive candy cane socks, and the pretty sunset over Lake Lanier in the backyard.

Not pictured: the food! My yummy (and successful) attempt at cooking broccoli and cheese casserole, the greatest dressing that I look forward to eating twice a year, and an encore presentation of my aunt's dessert masterpiece, apple strudel a la Miss Paula Deen. Yes; I was completely stuffed.

I love this time of year.

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  1. That necklace is adorable! As are your Aunt's shoes. I am kind of glad you didn't post a picture of your broccoli and cheese casserole here because I might have died. Anything broccoli and cheese is my favorite!!
    Anyway, hope your holiday season was wonderful. I love your blog.


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