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November 22, 2010

The Dekalb Farmers Market

  1. Visit the Dekalb Farmer's Market
This weekend James and I went grocery shopping at the Farmers Market and crossed another item off my list.

I have mixed feelings about the experience.

Yes; it was partly awesome...I was in a warehouse surrounded by fresh, amazing produce, an abundance of seafood, chicken, steak, and every other animal you can think of, lots and lots of cheeses (my fave) and spices, olive oil, and wines from all over the world. But I was also surrounded by a million people. Note to self: never go to a Farmers Market on Saturday, because the whole city will  be right there with you, elbowing you out of the way to get to the freshest tomatoes in the cart, pushing their buggies around like bumper cars. As James put it, it was like "I-285" in there. It was chaos.

We did, however, walk away with a huge bag of chicken breasts, red and green tomatoes, a few husks of corn, onions and greens for only thirty dollars (the chicken alone was $22.50...we like chicken just a smidgen). I am not ashamed to say that we also enjoyed a delightful, 100% organic peanut butter cookie in the car after our adventure, too; after gazing at the beautiful bakery display, how could we not walk away with a cookie?

1 comment:

  1. what an amazing farmer's market!! i wish there was something like that near me!

    have a great thanksgiving week! :)


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