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October 31, 2010

Highland Row Antiques

The other day I decided to walk up the street and browse one of my favorite Atlanta antique stores, Highland Row Antiques. The store is massive; there is a staircase to the basement that holds booths for over 20 dealers, and the prices are really reasonable. I spent about an hour rummaging through magazines, retro Christmas paraphernalia, and vintage costume jewelry. I found a few interesting treasures along the way, including a 1960's "weight-loss" product similar to the "Electrosizer" that gave Mad Men's Peggy her big break to becoming a copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce...


  1. What a fantastic shop! I must check it out next time I'm in Atlanta. Thanks so much for your sweet tweet about my dog. He's doing remarkably well this morning, even walking (hobbling) a bit on his own :-)

  2. I love this place. They have an amazing sale the first weekend of every month. Plus, if you pay with cash they will make deals.


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