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August 3, 2010

Our Wedding Ceremony

You dream about walking down the aisle of a church on your wedding day for years before it actually happens. And when it does, it's simply surreal. It's such a wonderful, special feeling to be surrounded by everyone in the world that you love, and at the end of the aisle are all of your closet girlfriends, and your best friend - your husband-to-be! It is a feeling I'll never forget.

After my father gave me away, Betsy read Kahlil Gibran's On Marriage, a poem from one of our favorite books, The Prophet, a series of philosophical essays. Our wedding ceremony was officiated by Reverend Clay Jacobs, the same man who baptized me as a baby. As my uncle likes to say, Clay is like a frustrated comedian, and he had us all giggling on several occasions. The best was after James kissed me, cupping my face with both of his hands, catching me and everyone else by surprise. Afterwards, Clay whispered, "Nice one!"

Some of my favorite pictures were taken after the ceremony; the jumping photos of my bridesmaids and James's groomsmen, and the goofy picture of everyone outside of the church. One thing is for sure - we have some hilarious brothers and friends. They are by far some of the best shots of the day!

Next, pictures of our wedding reception!

(all photos by Tina & Chad Pritchard of The Long Farewell)


  1. Ah! I fall more in love with them every time I see them!!


  2. oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my!

    what a beautiful way to celebrate!


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