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August 23, 2010

Our little diamond in the rough:

Yowzas, have James and I had one exhausting day (and it's only 4 pm). As scheduled, we got up this morning and hurried over to City Hall East to try our luck at scoring a treasure in the midst of what would turn out to be thousands of (dirty) office chairs, desks, and office shelving units. The doors opened late (at 9:30) and a line of people pushed and shoved their way inside. James and I made a beeline for the yellow cubbies (as seen in Friday's post), but they were going for $200 - $350, which was too much for me to consider a "good deal." After poking around for a few minutes more, very disappointed, we decided to head out. James and I walked through a maze of shelving units and mail room paraphernalia toward the front door and stumbled across a hidden gem: an old mail sorter, which we immediately fell in love with. We earned the sucker too, after waiting for an hour to get a receipt, and another 2 hours in line to purchase it, an extra $30 to a random man in the parking lot with a truck, and another 2 hours wiping, sanding, and covering it in Olde English. However, we are very happy to call it our own for a mere $45 (plus $30 to the man with a truck):
Hooray! It took a lot of patience and dedication to take it home - I had to stand guard next to it while James (best husband ever, by the way - major points scored today) waited in line to pay- and yes, I had to fight a couple of people off because they claimed I was just sitting duck next to it. People go nuts at these things! BUT, we love it. And I still can't believe I don't have enough junk to put inside every space. Don't you worry...give me time; I promise it'll be full soon enough.


  1. I LOVE this!!! this is so neat, and you made it look awesome with all the cute decorations and books!

    What an awesome find!

  2. so jealous! what a great find. the only comfort i feel from missing out was your description of the chaos. thanks! i love the way you decorated it... my co-worker saw this on scoutmob and was like "check this out" and i was so tickled that it was you!

  3. So funny! I saw that Liza linked this to Scoutmob, too. Love it. We worked hard for this sucker, but it was worth it :)


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