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August 20, 2010

Digging through junk is my favorite.

Happy weekend! What are you guys up to? Tonight is Game Night at my house; friends are coming over with their competitive spirits, snicky snacks, and plenty of beer. Tomorrow James and I are joining a few other of our favorite couples downtown to eat some yummy Korean BBQ. It is shaping up to be a great weekend, but what I'm possibly most excited about is visiting the City Hall East building on Monday morning at 9 am for its ridiculously massive garage sale. The building has been around for eons (my father signed up for the Navy there in the late sixties; my mom visited the toy store section of Sears frequently with her grandmother there as a child), but now it is closed, and it sits as a huge, beautiful building full of mystery. So of course I can't wait to get a peek for myself. The garage sale promises to be a giant mess of desks, chairs, shelves, clocks and other array of office paraphernalia that would give Joan Holloway a giant headache. I really just want to go to see the spectacle for myself, but I'm secretly hoping to come across a 1960s-era treasure or two to take home with me.

Enjoy your weekends, friends! And maybe I'll see one or two of you digging through junk with me on Monday...

photos of City Hall East and interiors via Creative Loafing


  1. omg i LOVE these photos. that place is like a time capsule!

  2. I worked for the guy who bought that building...Emory Morsberger. I hope you got to roam around in there. It's amazing! I even went into the little tower on the roof. Imagine having that as a loft...which was the plan at one time. Not sure what their plan is now, but glad to hear they're moving things out. I love the cubby you scored.

  3. Omg, I LOVE the old card catalogue-looking pieces. How much did they go for?

  4. Amanda -- If memory serves me correctly -- a lot! $200 - $300, I believe. Too much for us, sadly :(


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