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July 23, 2010


Who is freaking out excited about the Mad Men Season 4 premiere this Sunday night?! I can hardly contain myself. Will Sterling Cooper Draper Price have a new, swanky office, or will they still be working out of a hotel room? Are Betty and Don legally divorced? Is Sal ever coming back? And the return of the set designs and the clothes! I will be drooling over every frame, I just know it. So who else besides me is shaking up a cocktail at 10 pm on Sunday evening and parking it in front of the tv?
Season 3 production stills courtesy of AMC


  1. I cannot wait!! I saw the first two season on DVD and never got to see the third, but I don't even care! :-)

  2. {hand raised} me me me I can't wait to see what happened with Betty!

  3. Yay! Sadly, I'll have to skip the cocktail because I have the flu, but I'll still be watching. I can't wait!


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