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July 12, 2010

A hatchling!

Remember those three little Robin eggs I blogged about the other day that are in a nest outside my parents' house?
Well, one is missing, (sad face)- one is being stubborn, and one has hatched!
Also, it is my opinion that newborn baby birds aren't the cutest.
Stay tuned for more updates...


  1. Yay, this is exciting! I'm sad that one went missing :( but thus is nature. It will be fun to see this little one grow. My baby finches seem to have left the nest already. All three were laying in the flower pot on Saturday pile on top of one another, still looking like they couldn't even stand on their own two feet. Then poof, they were gone the next day.

  2. It's so cool to observe nature that close-up. Hope those two little guys make it!


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