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June 3, 2010

Our Honeymoon Part Two

During the first few days of our trip, we visited the Bahamas, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas in the Caribbean. In St. Maarten, we rode a catamaran out into the sea to do some snorkeling - our tour guide and boat captain was Hank Azaria right out of Along Came Polly - buff, French, long hair, gold hoop earrings, etc. Hilarious. Later we laid on the beach, with an amazing deal of two beach chairs + one umbrella + 5 cold Heinekens for only $15. Yes, please!

When we arrived on St. Thomas, we couldn't believe the stunning views from our balcony. It is a gorgeous island - the homes tucked away in the hills combined with the ultra blue water dotted with sailboats takes your breath away. On our tour, I especially enjoyed seeing Magen's Bay from a view similar to one my parents saw on their honeymoon, almost 30 years ago. Along the way, we toured Blackbeard's Castle and several homes that were built over 200 years ago, with antique furnishings and original artwork. Some of the views from these homes are spectacular - I could almost imagine I was a 19th century woman walking to her balcony to see the bay dotted with sailboats - and a pirate ship! Magen's Bay, one of the Top 10 Beaches in the World (says National Geographic Magazine), lived up to its title. The water was so clear, clean and calm that it was like swimming in a pool! We loved our time there, and James and I are planning to take a longer vacation to the island in the future.

Next, our adventures with stingrays, dolphins and baby sea turtles!


  1. wow so pretty! and so much fun! great pictures natty! i'm also obsessed with your blue dress...where is it from??

  2. that dress is GORGEOUS! you look stunning!

    ...all this and it is only part two! I can't wait for the rest!


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