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June 4, 2010

Our Honeymoon - Part Four

We toured the Mayan Ruins of Tulum on our trip to Mexico. Our guide was quite the storyteller, which helped us imagine what the area was like several hundred years ago. The surrounding beaches were stunning, and a beautiful shade of blue. I couldn't wait for our stop at the beach at the end of the tour. Our beach break was at a gorgeous outdoor restaurant and spa, and included a yummy Mexican feast for lunch. I've never laid out on a beach bed, and I was in blissful la-la land in a matter of minutes.

At Grand Cayman, James and I visited their famous sea turtle farm, where sea turtles are raised and then after some are just a year old, released in the wild. The others, much to my dismay, are raised for their meat, a popular dish in Caymanian culture. The turtles that are older are kept in a natural tank and lay eggs on the man made beach, and they can grow to be 600 pounds! James and I enjoyed holding the baby sea turtles so much, they were seriously the most precious little animals I've ever seen. They flap their little legs when you take them out of the tank, but they are immediately calmed when you rub the skin under their chin. I really wanted to smuggle one home with me in my purse.

We also visited Hell, a town named for its rough, black limestone formations. Hell's post office boasts several racks of postcards, so of course I had to send them out to almost everyone I know back home, even though it was the last stop on our trip!


And that concludes the posts on our honeymoon! We had such a blast, and it was truly the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for reading and for all of your sweet comments! xoxo

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  1. I'm just now catching up on your honeymoon pic posts - can't wait to see the wedding pics! You two are such an adorable, sweet couple :) It looks like you had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon, and I'm wishing you such a happy life together!


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