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June 20, 2010

Cliff House

Have you guys ever heard of San Francisco's Cliff House? It was first built on the cliffs of the Barbary Coast in 1863, and in 1868, a promenade and two new wings were added onto the structure, as seen here. The Cliff House served as a local meeting place for wealthy businessmen and politicians, and the restaurant was known for its excellent menu and breathtaking views of the rocks and ocean below. An unfortunate chimney fire burned the original structure to the ground in 1894, but today, a new building exists for tourists to enjoy, and it's still known as "The Cliff House."

The original building was a wonderfully eerie structure, don't you think? A place that was definitely right out of a Stephen King novel. The famous picture of the Cliff House above, taken by a local Japanese boy, shows the house against a night sky that at first glance seems ominous and stormy; however, upon closer inspection, you can see that it's just the sun shining behind a thick curtain of clouds. I wish I could visit the original house. What a strange and beautiful place.

"Storm" photo by Tsunekichi Imai, circa late 1800s
Below picture acredited to the Cliff House Project (if you have some time, looking around this website is a must- the pictures collected here are amazing)

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