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June 23, 2010

30 Rock to the rescue

I've always had a terrible time with the DMV, so I absolutely dread going. I chose Monday as the day I would go to change my name; I drive all around the area where its supposed to be downtown, and due to one-way streets and severe traffic, it takes me a good 30 minutes to circle around a couple of times to finally see the building. Once I drive into the parking lot (strangely empty), I realize, DUH. It's CLOSED on Mondays. FAIL. Today I psyche myself up again. I get there, wait in line for an hour and a half in an insanely busy, overcrowded (smelly) room of people to finally get called and have the woman tell me behind the desk that I brought the wrong copy of my marriage certificate. Hot, irritated (and hungry), I leave cursing to myself all the way home. Finally in a better mood as I park in front of my building (thank you, Katy Perry and your I-hate-to-love-it California Girls), I decide to check my mailbox. To discover...

That I've been selected for jury duty. Double. FAIL.

When I had a full-time job, I might have welcomed the distraction from my somewhat mundane job. But now that I love what I do, I am so not in the mood to serve the judicial system with my time. I was promptly right back in my grrrrrrrrrrr state of mind.

At least this clip from 30 Rock makes me giggle:

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  1. Favorite show ever. This episode is super accurate too:)


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