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April 14, 2010

Beach home bliss:

For any of you out there who have a home on the beach, a shore house, a lake house, or anything of the like, I am officially jealous :) The beach is my most favorite place on earth - I am truly happiest sitting in a beach chair under the bright sun with my toes in the sand and a good book in my hand. The beach is even better if you have a beautiful home to retreat to once the sun starts going down. If I had a beach house, these photos would serve as my decor inspiration:
all photos by Coastal Living


  1. me, too, natalie! i cannot wait until i am a retiree, sitting on my front porch, smelling the salt in the air. ahhhh. i can just picture it now.
    until then, i will just have to settle with renting other people's beach homes and pretending they are mine. :)

  2. wow..these are gorgeous it!

  3. I live at the beach--St. Simons (1 mile from sand) and every place to live is really insanely and depressingly expensive to own...even rent. It's more fun to visit than pay for!


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