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March 20, 2010

Wanna squeeeze the baby sea turtle

James and I booked our honeymoon cruise excursions last night, and boy, am I excited. We are going to swim with dolphins, snorkel off a Catamaran, tour Caribbean islands and the Mayan Ruins, experience some of the best beaches in the world, send postcards from Hell, pet some stingrays (debarbed, of course!) and -quite possibly my favorite- hug a 1-year-old baby sea turtle.
We are going to have such a great first adventure as a married couple, and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I spotted these pictures on Galita's flickr page; she and her friends look so happy to be holding that baby sea turtle! I wonder if you can feel its heart beat?


  1. such precious little things!

    i'm excited for you and your hubby-to-be. hope you take a few pics of the mayan ruins to share with us. :D


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