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March 11, 2010

Mad Men Barbie dolls

Oh to be twelve again. (Yes, twelve...I was a little old when I gave up my love of Barbie dolls). Mattel is coming out with a new Mad Men line of Barbie dolls, including Betty and Don Draper (sans the cocktails and cigarettes, I'm guessing), Joan Holloway (not so sure her doll's measurements are correct) and silver fox Roger Sterling. Wouldn't you have loved a Joan doll to play with when you were little?! Can you imagine the fabulous Barbie-size clothes from Betty Draper's closet you could spend hours dressing up your dolls with?! I'd be lying if I said these dolls don't make me giddy as a 26 year old adult. To read more on the new line of dolls, visit the NY Times. Also, for a good laugh, visit "Mad Men Barbies Missing Cigarettes, Mistresses, and Bottled up Feelings."


  1. My husband just showed these to me a couple of hours ago. He wants them, but he won't come right out and tell me that. He asked "Do you think these would be a good investment, you know, to re-sell later?" :)

  2. If I could quit my job today and find a job as a vampy secretary, I would do it in a heartbeat. I <3 Joan.

  3. omg, if anyone needs me i will be playing barbies in my closet like i did when i was 6. these.are.awesome.

  4. Love these! But I have to say Im a little dissappointed the joan doesnt look like joan were are those curves!?


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