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March 28, 2010

Lindsay's Bridal Shower

Today was Lindsay's bridal shower! My mom and I hosted it at my little apartment, and it was a lovely day filled with pretty ladies, good food, and nice "prizes" (Lindsay's word for gifts). Above is a little wreath I made for the front door -- I glued the artwork to a flat foam circle from Michael's and hot glued buttons and the white boa around it.

The spread, which included sherbet punch with champagne, my mom's famous cookies, deviled eggs with a secret ingredient (truffle oil...mmm MMM), Ritz crackers with pineapple cream cheese, a sliver of pear, and a walnut, sour cream muffins, fruit, and raisin bread tea sandwiches with honey and cream cheese filling.

For the favors, I reused Lindsay's silhouette and used my flower die-cut to adorn each mini bag. I was really happy with the end result!

The prize for the "How well do you know the bride?" quiz: a utensil bouquet! While Lindsay opened her gifts, I had each woman at the shower fill out a postcard of their choice and write a special memory they shared with the bride on it - I'm going to mail them to Lindsay after she's married every other week (everyone knows what a big fan of snail mail I am). PS, who knew it was so hard to find postcards anymore?! The only place I could find them was Junkman's Daughter in Atlanta and Athens. Very sad face, everywhere else. I heart postcards! 

My coffee table before everyone arrived. The wrapped gift was Lindsay's recipe box; I sent out two recipe cards each to everyone invited to the shower, and they were asked to fill them out with two of their favorite recipes for the bride. Recipe and Kitchen showers are my fave.

From left to right: Shari, Lindsay, moi and Pana. Lindsay's super cute dress is Liberty of London at Target...isn't it adorable? I love the fun navy ruffle down the right side.

Such a fun, special day! Love ya, Lindsay :) xoxo

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  1. yeah it was very nice to see over that .. thank you..


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