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March 31, 2010

A few pictures from our wedding guest book:

James and I can cross another wedding project off the list - our guest book. I wanted to make it of James and me "through the years;" even though we didn't meet until after college, we both shared so many similar experiences with our activities and milestones throughout our childhoods. I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos with you guys - some of them are too great to keep to myself until my wedding day!
James at 3 years old. He is the youngest of four boys, and his older brothers played in a community baseball league growing up. James' mom told me he was their little "mascot" at 3 years old, was at all the games, and would come home after them looking like he had been rolling around in the dirt for days. Too stinkin cute.
That is James as Winnie the Pooh in either a school play or during a school Halloween production. I mean, this one speaks for itself. (Sososoadorableomg). Me with my beloved My Little Pony bag before the first day of school. I would proudly rock that bag as a 26-year-old adult. My Little Pony ruled.

Yes, that is a real, live boa constrictor around my neck. I distinctly remember being at the snake exhibit at a zoo in Pennsylvania with my mom, dad, brother and an older couple that were my grandparents' close friends. The snake keeper asked if anyone wanted to hold the boa constrictor, and my hand shot up. My mom tried to shoo it down, but my dad said, "Oh, let her hold it-" and my grandmother's friend said, "Don't project your fears on her!" Ha, ha. It was so heavy I could hardly lift my head up for the picture, and my mom was totally freaking out until I gave it back to the keeper. I am proud of this photo- I would (probably) never do this today. I was a brave kid.

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