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March 22, 2010

Athens...our "settled" place?

Our trip to Athens last Friday afternoon was absolutely perfect - the sun was out for the first time in months, there was a light breeze in the air, and downtown Athens was in full swing. We ate a late lunch at Five Star Day Cafe (so so good) and sat outside on the sidewalk....just smiling at how thrilled we were to be sitting there, Friday early afternoon, in the sun, in Athens.
James and I have talked quite a bit in the last couple of months about where we'd like to "settle." (That word used to gross me out a little, but I've really come around, and I'm embracing the term). We love our neighborhood in Atlanta, but unfortunately, it's a bit expensive to buy a home downtown, and the suburbs of Atlanta are all right, but none of them really appeal to us. James considers Athens his home, and he admits frequently that he would love to move back to the Classic City, buy a home, start a family and settle down there. Well, I think I'm starting to agree with him. I went to college in Athens at UGA, and I loved my time there - the town has a hip, artsy, creative vibe, there is always something fun going on, and to me, there is nothing better than a football game weekend in Athens during the fall. However, up until now, I've always thought of Athens as the town I lived in when I went to college - why would I live, possibly forever?
Friday I had an epiphany - I would want to live in Athens because I am truly happy when I'm there. I have always said I want to live in a place that is unique, a place that has a sense of community, and a place that constantly has activities, festivals, concerts, art exhibits, etc. etc. etc. going on. Athens has all of the above, and the cost of living isn't too shabby, either. Plus, the game weekends that "annoy" many locals would be something that James and I would look forward to every fall.
The only major con at this point (besides where can I find a job if the University stays on a hiring freeze forever?!) would be realizing that my future offspring may not want to attend my beloved alma mater if they grow up .5 miles away from it.
That doesn't mean I won't try to brainwash them into being lifelong dawgs anyway...

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