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January 26, 2010

Lindsay's DIY wedding guest book pen

On Saturday, Lindsay and I went to Paper-Source to find some materials for our DIY Bachelorette Party invitations, and she found a shiny gold guest book as a bonus! While wandering around, we spotted Paper-Source's flower kit corner, and thought, wouldn't it be cute to put one of those paper flowers on a pen to go with her wedding guest book? We thought so. We bought the magnolia kit, went to my apartment, and proceeded to make a paper flower. How hard could it be?
Well, let me tell you: pretty darn hard. Those little suckers are a pain in the rear to make...after over two hours, we finally had one flower completed, and we stuck it to an ink pen.
Gotta love DIY wedding projects! I know someone who made a ton of these paper flowers for her wedding bouquets. I now have an insane amount of respect for her...and her obvious amount of patience. At least they're pretty to look at!


  1. I still have some glue under my thumbnails! ;)

  2. natalie, that is adorable! one of my friends just did a DIY wedding (she's VERY crafty, too) and I am just amazed at all the little details that both of y'all are doing. makes me want to go back and redo mine. haha.


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